Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)
Q. Are the PediaTape products compatible with the Broselow TapeTM?
A. Yes. We developed the PediaTape zones based on the same color coding sequence and the estimated length zones match. We calculated our length zones using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007 data set. Consequently, our zones are the same as the latest (2011) version of the Broselow TapeTM.
Q. How is the PediaTape Quick Tape different than the Broselow TapeTM?
A. The Quick Tape is a narrow measuring tape with cm measurements printed on one side and the standardized color sequence and estimated weight zones printed on the other side. It is like a durable tailor's tape, made of a coated fiberglass material. It does not contain medical dosing. Instead, the caregiver uses the tape to get a length color for a child, and then looks up the dose for that length color in an external reference.
Q. What are the advantages of looking up medical dosing from an external reference?
A. An external reference, which can be a free iPhone app or printed reference cards, can have much more information included to improve medication safety:
mL volumes
Besides including more drugs doses, it can include the mL volume to be administered (information not on the Broselow TapeTM). Not having to calculate the mL volume based on mg dose quickens drug preparation and administration and reduces the chance for mathematical errors.
Mixing instructions and detailed administration information
External references, such as SafeDose, contain mixing instructions and administration information beyond what can fit on a wide tape.
The external dosing reference can be customized to include only the drugs and concentrations used at your facility. Contact Us at info[at]pediatape.com if you would like us to create a customized reference for you.
The external dosing reference can be in any language. Feel free to translate our reference cards to other languages. We ask that you please send us the translations to help support our mission of disseminating this low-cost approach to improving medication safety for children.
Q. What are the shipping, handling and tax costs?
A. The handling cost is included in the price. Shipping is also included in the price for inside the United States. Outside the US, there is a shipping cost indicated on the product page. US State taxes only apply for tapes purchased in the State of Virginia. International taxes apply to any purchases outside the US.
Q. What payment options does PediaTape accept?
A. We accept any payment options allowed by Amazon. Additionally, you can contact us directly for unusual quantities or customized orders at sales[at]pediatape.com.
Q. How can I check on order status?
A. Contact us at info[at]ebroselow.com and include your order number or other identifying information you received from Amazon for purchase. We aim to ship out orders within 48 hours after receipt of the order.
Q. What is your return policy?
A. Our policy is 30 days satisfaction guaranteed. If you would like a refund, then please ship the product back to us within 30 days after purchase along with reason for return and we will refund the money. We aim to please and would appreciate your feedback at info@pediatape.com regarding any concerns.